Montreal Igloofest 2024: The Chilling Music Fiesta

Montreal Igloofest 2024: The Chilling Music Fiesta

Montreal Igloofest 2024 is not just a music festival; it's a testament to the city's indomitable spirit, braving the freezing temperatures to celebrate music, art, and community. From January 18 to February 10, 2024, the Old Port of Montreal will resonate with the beats of electronic music, under a canopy of stars. This event marks the 15th anniversary of a tradition that has become synonymous with Montreal's vibrant winter culture​.

Key Takeaways

  • Montreal Igloofest 2024 is slated from January 18 to February 10, 2024, celebrating its 15th anniversary.
  • The festival features a lineup of both international and local electronic music talents.
  • Unique events like the Tackiest Snowsuit contest and Igloovillage are part of the festivities.
  • Old Port of Montreal is the scenic venue for this event.
  • Attendees can look forward to an electrifying atmosphere with high-energy dance parties despite sub-zero temperatures.

Historical Significance

Origin and Evolution

Since its inception in 2007, Igloofest has been a hallmark event during the winter season in Montreal. Over the years, it has morphed into a grand celebration, drawing thousands of music aficionados from near and far. This festival is much more than just a musical rendezvous; it's a blend of culture, tradition, and modernity that epitomizes Montreal's dynamic spirit​.

Impact on Montreal’s Winter Culture

Igloofest has significantly enriched Montreal's winter culture by offering a unique platform for artists and music enthusiasts to come together. The festival's icy decor, steel structures, and striking architectural visuals create a surreal ambiance, making it a highly anticipated event every winter.

Event Highlights

Stellar Lineup

The lineup for Igloofest 2024 is nothing short of spectacular with electronic music legends like Diplo, Armin Van Buuren, Marc Rebillet, and others set to grace the stage. The festival promises an array of performances that will have attendees dancing the cold away from January 18 to February 10​​.

Performers Date
Marc Rebillet January 18
Partiboi69 January 18
REZZ January 19
Diplo TBA
Armin Van Buuren TBA
Eric Prydz TBA

The festival's opener will see Marc Rebillet and Partiboi69 setting the stage on fire, promising a memorable start to the festival.

Electrifying Atmosphere

Igloofest is known for its high-energy, sub-zero temperature dance parties. Attendees find themselves amidst an electrifying atmosphere with unique and punchy audio-visual ambiance that guarantees the hottest nights of winter, despite the cold temperatures​​.


Venue and Tickets


The scenic Old Port of Montreal serves as the perfect backdrop for Igloofest. Its historic ambiance juxtaposed with modern electronic beats creates a surreal festival experience.

Ticket Information

Tickets can be availed from the official website, ensuring a hassle-free process for attendees. The varying ticket options cater to different preferences, allowing for a customizable festival experience.

Ticket Type Price Availability
General Admission TBA Official Website
VIP TBA Official Website

Experience at Igloofest

Igloofest is more than just a music festival; it's a unique experience that encapsulates the joy of winter in Montreal. Here’s a glimpse into what attendees can expect:

Unique Experiences

  • Dancing Under the Stars: The festival is set under the open sky, allowing attendees to dance under the stars amidst the cold winter night.
  • Icy Decors: The icy decors against steel structures provide a unique visual appeal, enhancing the festival's ambiance​​.

Unforgettable Music Performances

The heart of Igloofest is its music. With a lineup boasting of electronic music legends and local talents, the festival promises unforgettable music performances that resonate with the essence of Montreal’s vibrant music scene.

This part of the article covers the origin, significance, and highlights of Montreal Igloofest 2024, along with essential information regarding the venue and tickets. The following section will delve deeper into the frequently asked questions, further enhancing the readers' understanding of what to expect at Igloofest 2024.

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When does Igloofest 2024 start and end?

Igloofest 2024 is scheduled to commence on January 18 and conclude on February 10.

Who are the headline performers at Igloofest 2024?

The headline performers include Diplo, Armin Van Buuren, Marc Rebillet, and others.

Where can I buy tickets for Igloofest 2024?

Tickets can be purchased from the official Igloofest website: Official Website.

Where is Igloofest 2024 held?

Igloofest 2024 will be held at the Old Port of Montreal.

Are there any day-time events at Igloofest 2024?

Yes, Igloofest 2024 will feature free day-time events alongside its main musical performances.

How can I get more information about the event?

For more details, you can visit the official website

What are the timings for the event?

The event timings are from 7:30 pm to 11:00 pm.

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